Wexer Group


Wexer Group integrates hardware, software, business consulting and IT services into your business to meet all your needs. Using the Ergonomic Solutions Concept , Wexer Group also aids its customers in achieving strong alliances with partners to deliver the best business solutions. We offer Industry Expertise, Consulting and Outsourcing in the following domains:

Regardless of the nature of your business, we can help you achieve your objectives by making the IT technologies work for you. We provide IT consulting with full support services for our customers, so they don't need to worry about their IT issues any longer. Wexer is designed to help you manage and address your demands of an outsourced project as efficiently and professionally as possible.

We can cover everything from costs to responsibilities, from arbitration to support, and we can make an excellent partnership from which we can start to form a durable and sustainable outsource contract and agreement.

At Wexer Group we provide a progressive and innovative approach for software development in the face of complex and sometimes inflexible business issues. This has enabled us to evolve as a proven provider of custom software development solutions to a broad range of industry sectors. We aim to deliver effective software development solutions in all areas of information management and also for integration with business processes.

Wexer Group Professional Services is a highly effective and complete offer which is designed to meet all client requirements.

Our Rapid Deployment Team can help you deploy your business-critical tasks and ensure you understand your technology investment at every step of the process.